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I've had my Compaq Presario CQ61 for a while now and i'm looking to do some upgrades. I've found i can upgrade the RAM up to 8GB, but currently due to money am only looking to upgrade to 4GB. I currently have 3GB installed.

I was also wondering if i could upgrade the CPU, or even if its worth it?

Any advice would be awesome! Cheers!
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  1. You cant usually upgrade the CPU in laptops, but the RAM can usually be upgraded.

    However, I would suggest a different upgrade for performance. I would suggest upgrading from your HDD to a SSD (solid state drive). These are much much faster than mechanical hard disks, and the performance difference is even better with laptops, as they usually have slower HDDs than desktops. The extra performance from the SSD is a much better benefit that an extra 1Gb of Ram.

    The downside to SSDs is that they are smaller in capacity for the money, but you can get a 120Gb SSD for about £75 or 250Gb for £135. Also, you can reuse your old HDD and put it in a small external caddy for extra storage, the caddys only cost about £5-£10.
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