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Hello guys I bought a PC from pcworld to do college work on and the PC came with windows 8 preinstalled, I had a power cut and the os is corrupt and their is no way of a restore so I formatted my drive but I forgot to note down my serial key from the the system so is their anyway to get my serial key to reinstall the os ?
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  1. Call the place you bought it from with your receipt in hand?
  2. Don't think they would help as I have formatted the drive dunno might tie it a go
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    They should have placed a sticker/label on the system with the product key on it. Resellers/builders are obligated via their agreement with Microsoft to provide the label and information.

    We can't help you otherwise.
  4. Where would this sticker be located on the mobo or the case ?
  5. Usually on the back or bottom of the computer. Sometimes they are on the inside of the case as well.
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