Upgrading to a SSD in a new laptop question about using the OS on a new drive.


I am going to buy my girlfriend a new laptop for Christmas. But Id like to get her a SSD for it so its faster than the stock 54k drive. It comes with windows 7 64bit on the laptop but my question is how or can I even transfer it to the new drive? I don't think most laptops even have a restore disc anymore, just a partition on the drive itself.

The laptop I am consider is a Acer Aspire E1-531-2438.
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  1. might be easier just to get a laptop with SSD?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    might be easier just to get a laptop with SSD?

    I cant afford one that I want that comes with one, its far cheaper for me to buy the one I want and get a separate SSD.

    Now, if you cant answer my question I asked then move along.
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    Alot of ssd drives come with a usb to sata connector and cloning software. You leave the hdd in the pc and clone the ssd through the connector. Then install the new ssd and away you go. Some softwares will even wipe the hdd after cloning if you want too. Check out the 840evo by Samsung. Awesome SSD.
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