CPU quiet cooler, Corsair, Noctua, Scythe or BeQuiet?

Hello guys,

I am going to buy a CPU cooler soon and wanted to ask what you would recommend.
I own an I7 4770K but am currently running the stock cooler. I of course want to overclock my beast of a processor but quietness is my main goal. I would love to have a balance between performance and noise, missing on one of these would suck.
The reason why I am asking this here is because my retailer doesn't sell many different coolers ( and it is hard for me to decide which one of the availible coolers would suit my wishes.
The case is a Corsair 650D so sice shouldn't be a problem. Please note if one of the coolers gets in the way of Corsair Vangeance RAM.
Thank you for the help in advance, I really appreciate it.
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    Noctua NH-C14
    You can use the cooler just with the top fan.
    You can buy also Corsair H series and will not interfere with your RAM.
  2. What would the difference in cooling performance be?
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