I need to connect four computers together via ethernet cable for a LAN Gaming session

Ive got a whole bunch of ethernet cables
And four computers (Windows 7 and Windows 8), that I wanna connect via these cables for a LAN Gaming session
Ive got a Belkin Router, if that might be needed
Im totally new to ethernet cables and LAN, I dont even know how to connect one computer to another
Any help would really be appreciated
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    You basically connect all your computers to the router with ethernet cables. For each computer, take one ethernet cable, plug one end into the ethernet port on the router, and plug the other end into the ethernet port on the computer.

    Your router should automatically recognize the different machines, and you should be able to see each other in-game with any game that supports LAN play.
  2. All you need is good router, four ethernet cables and internet connection
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