Windows 8.1 Blue Screen when installing catalyst software suite

Last Thursday I had upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro using the free update from the store after a clean install of Windows 8 Pro. Somewhere in the middle of the installation of the catalyst software suite the system crashes with system_thread_exception_not_handled. After that every time I boot the system it fails to boot with system_service_exception. I was unable to resolve the issue and I ended up having to reinstall the OS. I did a clean install yesterday evening and this morning when attempting to install it again i got the same error. I do not know what to try at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Jacob
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  1. Maybe the GPU is on its way out? What model is it/how old?
  2. I wouldn't think so. It has been running great. I have had no problems running graphics intensive games. Crysis 3 runs flawlessly on max settings. It is a sapphire radeon HD 5870 2GB GDDR5 with eyefinity 6. I have no issues installing the driver on 7 ultimate or windows 8 pro. The only other thing I can think of is a bad driver or maybe compatibility issues with 8.1.
  3. Do you have another GPU to test? Maybe completely ruling out the GPU as the problem would be helpful.
  4. I tried using a different GPU in the same computer. Same GPU in a different computer. Different GPU in different computer with no luck. Tried it with two GPUs other than mine and also in one other computer. One was a 4870 and the other was a my step dads 6970.
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    The problem you having is with window 8.1 it's not your GPU had the same problem. Boot system up in safe mode and go to device manager and uninstall display and monitor adapter. for some reason it say generic monitor. reboot and just install driver because catalyst is not compatible but the drives is. If you keep trying next problem will be blue screen saying internal power failure
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