Failed AGAIN Win 8.1- would not even download

I had to reinstall the entire Win 8 OS after 8.1 failed after 24 hours of normal operations- it lost USB support the first time.

So I just reinstalled the OS 8.0. Installed Media Pack. Went to Microsoft site to install Win 8.1. It took me to the store. Soon as I click on Install, it supposed to start download, it says, "Something happened, and install of Win 8.1 could not be completed".

What do they mean, "Something happened?" It did not even start to download.

I did not install Chipset, and VGA drivers from Asus manufacturer because they had different release versions for Win 8 and Win 8.1. I thought- why install them if I can install 8.1 drivers after update. But it would not let me download 8.1. The message appears right away- it has no time to scan anything to even know- drivers were not installed. It just blocks download/installation right away dead. I do not have any antivirus. It did not ask me to validate my Win 8.0 yet- I figured- it knows me as I did it when installed first time OS. I have nothing but OS and LAN driver installed. This is frustrating!
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  1. You should install the 8.1 compatible drivers for the motherboard devices and graphics card in advance of the update. Many people have been reporting issues with Nvidia graphics drivers not being up to date and causing upgrade failures.

    You must have an activated copy of Windows 8 in order to download the update as well.
  2. I don't think it would want me to activate Windows again. Also when it is not activated- it would not let me change some settings such as wallpapers- I can change them now- assuming- it is activated.

    My graphics card is AMD 7870, uses Catalyst- I heard people have problems with Catalyst as well...

    I am on administrator account- that should not be an issue, right?
  3. I got new issue: I was installing the drivers in 8.0 after I reinstalled OS. (Still can not download 8.1 from the store). Catalyst and Chipset installed, but VGA and other utilities drivers would not install- it says, "Error: system does not meet minimum requirements for this software". My system is I7 4770K, 16 Gb of memory, Asus Z87 Deluxe motherboard. What is it talking about and why it would not install? Thank you.
  4. Where are you getting the Intel drivers from? Latest would come straight from Intel, not sure how often ASUS bundles the on-chip GPU drivers, not really necessary anyway if you have a discrete GPU. You also can't install the drivers if you have disabled the hardware from the BIOS.
  5. Windows 8.1 requires a few updates first for it to work.
    Run windows update and install the updates, then restart.
    After that go to Windows store and download 8.1
  6. I was able to download and install update- this is what I had to do: The store has cache. You have to go to Run and type WSReset.exe It will clear cache. But that did not help- I had to install one more update for defender and then it went on to download 8.1. I was installing and checking for more updates every our, but this combination of evens worked. Also it was around the time they posted back Win 8.1 RT. Makes me wonder if other one was not in a store as well for the time.

    About onboard integraed video: I can not remember if I enabled multiple cards or not this time as I had to reset BIOS few times. But I have both monitors on, one feeds from AMD 7870, other from motherboard, so I would think they are enabled? For some reason VGA and few other utilities are failing to install with message that "System does not meet minimal requirements".

    So what's with the 8.1 drivers? I did not want to install 8.0, but while I was waiting for the 8.1 download, I was installing drivers and now almost all 8.0 drivers installed. There is 8.1 driver for Chipset on Asus site for my motherboard. Published there on 10.11/13. Do I install it over the top of Chipset I have installed, or do I need to uninstall it somehow first? Thank you.
  7. Try downloading the Windows 8.1 iso first and then upgrade it.
  8. lp231 said:
    Try downloading the Windows 8.1 iso first and then upgrade it.

    How do I download ISO? I already installed it but I want to create back up disk, and also can use it for another computer. Thank you.
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    Check out the tutorial section, I'm sure it has something your looking for.
    Can it be used on another computer? It should be able to, but only as a upgrade install not clean install.
    And the other computer needs a Win8 license for it work
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