FX8350 Temperatures. Are these bad or am I just worrying

Recently built a PC with an FX8350, ASROCK 970 extreme 4 and a CM Hyper 212 evo. My temps are around 34c for SYSTIN and the same for CPUTIN when idle / web browsing. When I play a game (minecraft for example) my SYSTIN goes to about 41c and my CPUTIN reaches about 51c-53c. My core temps stay at about 40-45c. Are these bad? Or am I just worrying too much. Also, I have a CM HAF 912. I also have an extra 120 mm fan. Should I put in the front as intake or on top as outake. Any help is appreciated thanks.
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    Those temps are completely stable, nothing to worry about :)
  2. tis fine
  3. Everything seems good to me. My FX-8350 has similar temps and it's completely stable. You have nothing to worry about.
  4. Alright, I was worried because when I first installed the cooler I used too much paste and it squeezed out the sides a little bit. So I cleaned it up using 90% rubbing alchohol and re-applied a better amount. The temps were freaking me out because they were in the 40's at idle but I realized the ambient temp. of my room yesterday was like 76 farenheight. Now its 70 so I think the PC is running cooler. I was worried because people were quoting they never went over 40c with the 8350 and evo installed on some forums.
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