RAM Physical Memory at 98-99% with no programs running

I've got quite the predicament here. When I start my system, my memory usage is totally fine, around 13%-14% usage, maybe 1gb out of 7.9gb. But after I leave it on for a few hours, it slowly climbs to about 25%, and it continues to climb the longer I leave it on, until it reaches 98-99% and its sits there.

I thought this might of been a problem with the programs I was running, and I've been trimming down the programs that were running when this problem first occured. I restarted and left it running with one less program, hoping it would fix the problem and I could figure out the culprit. I am now at a spot where no programs are running, but it is still happening.

Has anyone experienced this before and found a fix? My memory paging file is set for automatically let windows decide. I've done memtests before and had no problems. I can't seem to find a definitive recent answer/solution for this problem, so I'm hoping you guys can help.

I'm currently at work right now, but I can take whatever screenshots you need or give system specs when I get home. Just wanted to get this topic started and hope someone may have solved this problem before with windows 8 recently.

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  1. It could be spyware malware problem, what anti spyware anti virus software are you running?
  2. I'm not running any. Most of the spyware programs I've used in the past ended up bogging down my system and was annoying in itself. What are the best malware programs out there nowadays? I've been running clean installs without one for quite some time now. I'm normally very careful
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    If you go to Task Manager and look at the processes list, organized by memory usage (I think you can do that with Windows 8, last time I used it was the RC), what is listed at the top?

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