New cheap(ish) GPU for 1080p gaming (7790oc vs 660oc)

MSI 7790OC 1gb vs MSI GTX660 OC 2GB

how do they compare? the gtx660 (non Ti version) is 192bit, has more RAM etc. Is it generally a faster gaming card, because from what I've heard, 7790OC isn't bad at all?
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  1. In some tests 7790 performs and in others GTX660 does. But GTX 660 is better and fast. If you get GTX 660 then you get, TXAA(New movie standard Anti Aliasing solution by Nvidia), Phyx(you'll feel difference in Some games as compared to ati i.e Mafia 2, Batman Arkham City, Borderlands 2), Cuda(Parallel computation that will help you in video rendering). Here's some benchmarks of some games performed on 7790 vs GTX 660.
  2. 660 should be significantly faster than the 7790.
  3. thanks. btw, they are both OC versions of themselves. could perhabs 2gb of VRAM on gtx660 be a better choice in the long run?
  4. The GTX 660 is a nice card, but if you can get the Ti version, I'd defenitely recommend that. On the other hand the GTX 760 should perform even better and has more bandwith. It will be more futureproof and you can always go for a SLi setup if you feel like games doesn't run like you require. So, I'd recommend you to go for the 660 Ti, but if you can affort a little more, the GTX 760 will be a better choose in lomg terms.

    To answer your latest question: 2 GB of Vram is defenitely needed if you want to play the latest games in 1080p. If you want to play on even higherdesolutions, I'd recommend you to even get a 3 GB model. 1 GB is too low unless you are planning to play on lower resolutions like 720p.
  5. thanks but I have this deal with a friend of mine who works at this pc store, and he's willing to give me a big discount on one of these. the thing is, I can't find much info on this MSI gtx660OC, it's not a twin frozr version but it has higher clock than the stock 660. on the other hand, 7790OC seems behind it, but I don't have any comparable reviews, just info on paper and it looks like a gtx660 could be a bit better card in the long run.
  6. The 660 is definitely the better card.
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    Oh, I see. Yes, the 660 is the better choice out of them. It is a well made GPU and has excellent performances for its price. I'm fairly sure you won't be disappointed!
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