So the thing is I have a HP G4-1015dx and 2 days ago it died on me, no signal for video neither if I plug in a monitor. The Laptop boots, I hear the sound of the drive bay, it's reading and all but it won't display signal at all! So I think it's a GPU Problem.

I dissassembled it and all and when I read on the manual http://

it says I can use a AMD APU A8 or A6, will this solve my Graphic problems? Since those CPU has a integrated GPU on them, will it ignore the MOTHERBOARD GPU and use the CPU one instead?

Another thing the CPU of the Laptop is 2.30GHz VISION Technology from AMD with AMD Athlon II Dual-Core Processor for Notebook PCs P360, is the APU CPU compatible with the socket?

Any help would be apreciated and any advice on what to do for solving the graphics problem, I live in South America and importing a new Motherboard for the laptop is like buying a new one! (and I don't have that kind of money) but they are selling the CPU APU near my house so that's why I am asking.
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    Sorry, but the answer is no. That HP Maintenance and Service Guide is not actually telling what CPUs you can upgrade the laptop to, but instead the different configurations (models) of HP G4 laptops.

    Your version of the HP G4 series actually predates AMD's Llano APU and therefore you cannot install a Llano APU in it. The Athlon II P360 is socket S1g4 while Llano APUs are socket FS1. Trinity/Richland APUs are socket FS1r2.

    There are also versions of the HD G4 laptop using Intel CPUs and it is a known fact that Intel CPUs and AMD CPUs do not use the same socket.

    The Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics which is embedded into the motherboard may have failed.
  2. Thanks a lot for taking your time and giving me that perfect of a reply! I understood now that even if the CPU appears on the sheet it won't mean it is compatible with my laptop.

    Oh well, too bad, time to start saving up for a whole new laptop!
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