can play battlefield 3 or call of duty black ops 1, mw3, or black ops 2 with my specs?

i want to play battlefield 3 i don't care what settings, i just want to play multiplier. the store i bought it from said it can, my specs are as follows,

cpu: intel core i5 3.00 ghz

graphics: nvidia g-force 630 2 gigabytes of dedicated video memory

RAM:8 gigabytes

if you want to look further my pc is the lenovo ideacentre k450

thank you :)
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    You're video card will be the problem. It's below the recommended requirements. The rest of the system is more than fine. Too bad it's a simple boxed system and there isn't a better power supply to allow for an easy GPU upgrade.
  2. ^Yep, it should play bf3 okay at 720p with medium or so settings, and it should handle CoD pretty well too
  3. Nvidia G-Force 630 will cause u a bottle neck problem. I'm buying the new GTX 760, u should have one 2, it will do just fine with ur specs. If that 2 much, u can buy the 650 ti boost V.
  4. ^hehe he bought it from a store so most likely he would also need a PSU upgrade with that, it would be worth your while.
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