Differences between Samsung 512GB 840 Pro Series and Samsung 500GB SSD 840 EVO - SSD


Apart from the extra 12GB can someone tell me why there is such a price difference between the 840 pro and 840 Evo? I looking to purchase 1 for a new gaming desktop build. The read\write speeds look similar so I assume there isn't a performance difference??


Thanks in advance
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  1. The 840 EVO 500 is cheaper at amazon.co.uk

  2. The EVO is the newer line from Samsung. Slightly different technology.
  3. The Pro model comes with a 5 year as opposed to a 3 year warranty. It also has a longer lifespan (due to a difference in manufacturing process - TLC for Evo and MLC for Pro) - although both will have a lifespawn of 10+ years.
  4. Is the Pro better technology?
  5. Is MLC better technology than TLC? Is there much difference?
  6. The main difference is the lifespan. I think MLC has estimated lifespan of greater than 50 years. While TLC is cheaper and has a shorter lifespan - around 15 years.
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