GTX 770 Lightning or R9 280x


I'm really looking into these two cards but I really don't know which one to choose on one side I love the MSI N770 Lightning's Design,Nvidia features like GeForce Experience and Physx but on the other side there's Mantle and the R9 280x is also $100 cheaper.

If one of these two cards outperforms the other it would be more significant to me than the features since they are only optional and not included for every game.

Tell me which one would you guys choose and why, Thanks.
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    Think it's close to a toss, just picked up the Asus 280X today, as performance wise they are that close, the $100 difference swayed me, I'm more of a nVidia guy, and am looking forward to the 770TI and 780TI....but at the moment, the 280X is the best buy of the time right now
  2. I have the 770 2gb. its a great card/ runs everything ultra and 30% to 60% power consumption also never goes above 60oC. These cards from AMD are good but offer limited overclocking especially the 290x. There like a heater for your case but if you don't mind that go for the cheaper option. normally that wont help your wallet in the long run... My not a fan boy I have the 770 and for me its handled everything I throw at it
  3. Personally, I don't care about GeForce Experience and Physx is a cool feature limited to a handful of games. I bought a 770 when it first hit the market, but if I was buying now I would definitely take the R9 280x and a hundred dollar bill.
  4. Since the price just dropped for the 770 lightning, it's only $40-$60 more expensive than the 280X. Also, around now (when this was posted) nVidia is giving away $150 worth of games with the 700 series so yeah. I'd still personaly go with the 280X, especially if another version of it comes out like the lightning or superclocked edition
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