Looking for a good gaming mouse, keyboard, and controller

Hey guys,

I recently built my first gaming rig after having played PS3 for years, but I am still using my old office-level keyboard and mouse.

So in short, I am looking to eventually buy a higher quality gaming mouse, keyboard, and PS3-style controller, and was wondering if you guys knew of any especially good ones :D

The main thing that I'm wanting help picking is the mouse, as those seem to have the most difference between them. I like the ones with the extra buttons on them, as I'm used to easy-to-reach buttons like on a controller.

Also, on a minor note, I have a Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower case, and would prefer to buy accessories that match that mostly black color scheme with little bits of silver and glowing blue, but that's not a huge deal :)
Also, I'm trying to keep this post short, but if you want any more info, just ask :)

Thanks guys, any suggestions will be appreciated :D
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    I Recommend these
    gaming mouse -LOGITECH G500S,G700 ($69,$99)
    keyboard- LOGITECH G710+($120),RAZER KEYBOARDs
  2. Hmm, that LOGITECH G500S looks interesting, but any idea why the reviews are so mixed? Seems every website rates it differently :P
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