MUST DECIDE TONIGHT - Blackwidow 2013 or Corsair K70?

To sum it up, I can get the Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 edition for $115 at my local Best Buy, or I can get the Corsair K70 with blue switches(same as the Blackwidow) for $130 online. What should I do? I've heard both good and bad things about the Razer, so I really don't know how good quality it is. I tried it in person today and loved it, haven't been able to try the Corsair.

The Razer is normally $140, so I figure $115 is a good price. Also, do you guys think either will go cheaper on black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Thanks you in advance!
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    They are both great Keyboards, that is a good price on the Blackwidow and I am going to throw my vote in for the Blackwidow, some of Razers past products have been iffy, but this is usually the case with certain products from any manufacturer. Their mechanical keyboards are usually really nice though. And waiting till Cyber Monday/Black Friday is a bit of a gamble, you might find a good deal on a keyboard you like your might not. Good luck
  2. Well, I ended up getting the Blackwidow Ultimate from Best Buy for $115. I haven't had time to use it beyond hooking it up and typing just a bit on it, but so far I really like. Much nicer than my aging Saitek Eclipse II. Just in case something happens, I'm gonna get a 3 year SquareTrade warranty/replacement plan on it for $15.

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. No problem good luck
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