Windows Image Backup on new hard drive?

So i have my 500gb hdd on my pc right now and i made an image backup on the 1tb drive that i have connected to the G: drive. Is there some way I can mount? I don't know the proper word. Is there some way i can unrar or unpack my backup on my new hard drive. So i have everything from the old one on the new one? Right now there is a folder on the G: drive called "WindowsImageBackup" In that folder is a folder with my Pc's name and in there is a few other folder with a bunch of .XMLs. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    You can't do anything with the windows image as it is besides use it to restore. If you have or can get acronis true image, you can convert that backup to a mountable volume that you can copy things from.
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