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Hello i am having a problem with my new installation with windows 8.1. I upgraded last night to see that there is now a watermark on the bottom right corner of my screen saying Secureboot isn't configured correctly. I have tried to go into the bios and enable it but it simply wont let me. There is a dropdown listing other os and uefi win 8. If i select the second option i cannot get back into my bios only the main os (win8). After i selected the second option and could not get into my bios i had to remove the cmos battery to reset bios. Everything is fine now but the watermark. Any help would be gladly accepted. My pc is a Asus Essentio CM 1735. The bios is by american megatrends but it says asus and includes the following modes ( Easy Mode or Advanced mode)

Thanks Ryan
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    a google search said to disabled it because your pc don't support it.
  2. well i have uefi and this pc came with windows 8. How do i remove that watermark then?
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