Best Way To Set up Fans? Need Your Input and Experience

Hello everyone, I'm currently waiting for my Fractal R4 to arrive and was wondering, what the best way to arrange fans? And how many fans should I have? The R4 comes with one in the front and one on the back. So to keep a cool system which way should everything be blowing out?
I also need to know this since I plan on getting a hyper 212 Evo, so I can't have a fan on the side. But also the hyper 212 evo will blow the hot air either towards the front of the case or towards the back depending on how I settup the fan. So just need your input on how many fans I should have and where do I put them.
Thanks :)
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  1. You can start with just the stock fans you have and see how your temps are. You can always add more if needed. I have 2 120mm fans on the front of my case as intake, then 1 120mm on the back blowing air out, and 2 120mm fans on the top blowing air out.

    The standard airflow is, in through the front and sides (I know you won't be using side fans in your case), then out through the back and top. You will want your hyper 212 blowing air towards the outtake (back).
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