Is it worth upgrading 7790 to a 7850?

I know you'd probably ask why i purchased the 7790 instead of a 7850 to begin with.

I did purchase a 7850 from a local store but it was a dead card. When i brought it back, there were no 7850s left for replacement so i got the 7790 instead.

Seeing it's performance now I think i'd better with a better card. But is the 7850 worth it considering coming from a 7790?

7870 is overpriced in my country.
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  1. Yes, I'd get a 7850 back if possible.
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    See this article and then decide for yourself:,3462.html

    The HD7850 is generally the stronger choice. Up to you to decide if is enough to change.
  3. If you have to pay for it I wouldn't bother upgrading one model within the same generation, unless you can sell your 7790 for almost what a 7850 costs
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