SSD's are made up of RAM chips then why SSD's are slower than RAM?

I really want to know the answer of this question why SSD's are made up of RAM chips then why SSD's are slower than RAM? please explain
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  1. You're comparing apples and oranges...completely different functioning parts can't really be compared like that.
  2. SSDs aren't made of RAM chips (at least not the consumer models), they usually use flash memory. So instead of thinking of them like underperforming RAM, think of them as super-performance SD cards.
  3. RAM chips are totally different than nand flash memory used in ssds, you mean to say cuecuemore?
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    Yes, RAM is volatile and NAND flash is non-volatile, meaning that RAM cannot retain its contents without power while flash can. And, of course, everything revolves around trade-offs. RAM is meant for low access time and high bandwidth at the expense of capacity, while SSDs are meant for capacity and non-volatility, which comes at the expense of speed and bandwidth. But SSD have gotten to the point where their access times and transfer rates appear instantaneous to the average user in most applications.
  5. very very thanks cueceumore... you are awesome. one more question please, i have read somewhere that some ssds are made up of RAM chips and for that we have to use batteries to power up so that it can't lose data it is holding as we all know that ram chips are volitile. is that true? and whats the optimal speed one can acheive in data transfer using SSDS?
    and can you please name the type of chip use in RAMS like ssds have nand flash memory , what ram has? Thansk
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