Internet gone slow after 8.1

So i recently moved my pc to my dads workplace and had to buy a network adapter to connect to the internet. so i bought the asus ac53 usb network adapter(while i was on windows 8). 2 days later windows 8.1 was released and i installed it. when everything was done and i booted my pc there were to of the same wifi connections but one had a 2 in the end! so i joined the one without the 2 and realised that the internet was so slow!!! I tried alot of things like rebooting and even closing firewall but nothing seems to work. Btw when you boot your pc right after the update finishes and you get that screen which asks if you want to use express settings or custom setting i clicked on express not sure if that even maters tho.

Please Help ASAP
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    try reinstalling the software for it. windows 8.1 may be using a generic driver for the device.
  2. chipset on the usb stick is Broadcom BCM43526
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