7950, 7870, 7850, or crossfire my 7770?

I am looking to upgrade my gpu from a 7770 ghz edition, my current system is as follows:
AMD X4 750k 3.4ghz OC to 4.2ghz
Powercolor HD 7770 Ghz Edition
8gb 1333 OC to 1600
1tb 7200rpm

I am trying to figure out what the best way to go is. I would like to get a 7950 but am not sure if it would get bottlenecked by my CPU, I am getting mixed results. I am not sure if the 7870 and 7850 would be worth replacing my 7770 if I could just put another 7770 in and save money. What would be the best way to go? Thanks!
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  1. crossfiring might create a bottleneck to ur system. its safe to assume till 7870 but there might be slight bottlenecks incurred
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    I think staying with a single card as much as possible is the way to to, i'd try to get a 7870 (shouldn't be too much for your CPU) which should be a nice upgrade, and keeps your ability to crossfire open in the future...and a 7870 is about as powerful as 7770's crossfired. If you sell your 7770 and get a new or used 7870, it's probably more cost effective as well :)
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