need a graphic card,processor,ram and memory

let me first tell my PC's specs
processor:Intel core 2 duo E 4600 , 2.4 Ghz
system type : 32 BIT
Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce 8400 GS
Memory space :150 GB

Monitor specs
benq LCD monitor

sorry if i forgot to mention anyhting else

I want to revamp my PC wich is 3 years old in to a sexy gaming beast.

My budget is lesser then 20,000 rupees (325$) .
all i want is to make my PC ready for GTA V (hopefully if it releases in the PC)
i want the next gen games to run at high or medium end.

can somebody please suggest me a graphic card , RAM(4gb x2 or 8gb x1) , Processor(Should i change the core 2 duo?) .

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  1. you can use athlon x4 cpu,
    with radeon 7750graphic card
    you can use any copatible motherboard
    and buy a 4gb or 8 gb ram

    your overall budget will be less than 20k
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