need urgent help! deleted important folder on mac!

Hey guys! I need Urgent Help!

I deleted a very important work folder from my MAC yesterday night, i was also able to empty my trash!
How can i retrieve that folder? I already took of the hard drive from the mac and connected it to a computer with Windows 7 hoping to run some software recovery program to help me get the files again.

What's my best option? Should i put the hard drive again on my mac and try to recover the folder under OS X? Or is there any program on Windows that can retrieve lost folders on MAC system file?

Please help!
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  1. File recovery software for mac:
  2. Hey there! thanks for your reply! but what do you think it's my best option? Connect my mac hard drive to a computer and Recover under Windows or recover the data directly on my mac?
  3. Guys please help me on this one. I have the MAC HARD DRIVE connected to my WINDOWS PC, is there a good WINDOWS program that can recover the deleted Files i had on my mac hard drive????
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