Which part of my computer has fried?

I'm so stupid. My graphic card died but I didn't realise so I thought the PC had crashed. I turned it off with the power button (so no shut down) and it came back on but obviously when black again so I assumed it crashed again. Like a donut I did this twenty odd times :(

My PC wouldn't switch on again beyond the brand name screen until a week later when I tried again, it let me onto it and through safe mode it restored itself to factory settings.

Except now instead if the brand on the computer, it says "Acer" when it's booting up, takes 30 minutes to boot up and one of my harddrives (there's two) still has all my stuff on. The computer won't play certain games now (they load then crash) like sims 2 and 3 but will play older games. I bought a new graphics card but the games still won't play.

My dad thinks something inside is damaged from when I stupidly turned it off and on but I can't afford to systematically replace each component.

Please can anyone help? I can't afford a new computer and this one was something I saved up so long to buy. It's been sat for a few months now because i don't know what to do :(
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  1. Could use a fresh installation of OS...It might help...Since you turned off the computer(Not proper shutdown) and started it again,for so many times,there's a chance that some of your OS files might have got corrupt.So you could try the software troubleshoot first,ie,the OS re-installation,and then if it doesn't fix things,you can look at your hardware for issues.If I were you,that'd be what I'd be doing.Still,if your system shows some hardware failure symptoms,like the BSOD,you'll need to troubleshoot the hardware of course.Seeing that there's no such issues yet,I'd suggest a fresh OS installation first.
    Moreover,though I'm not sure if it is,I've heard some people say,when you add a new Hardware,it's good to do a fresh OS re-install. :p
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