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Hey guys,

I'm planning to buy a graphics card for my new desktop. It's an AMD 6300 machine with 8Gigs of RAM and a 1378x768 monitor. I'd want to max out all of today's games. I understand that at my resolution I can't get a significant difference between a mid-range card and a high-end card. So my choices are the GTX-650 Ti, Radeon HD 7770 and 7790.

Can anyone help me narrow down my choices to one one these?

PS: I stay in a pigeon-hole sized dorm and really cant fit in a bigger monitor!
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  1. Well, out of your choices there the 7790 offers the most performance, so if performance is what you are after then go for the 7790.

    However, If you could afford the extra 40 quid or so then I wouls strongly suggest an EVGA 660. This will ensure that you can easily max out todays games and most future games on that resolution. =)
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