I have a MSI Z87 MPower Motherboard with a ASUS HD 7970 Directcu ii Graphics card

I need help to figure out how much RAM I should get and what processor, my comp is just mainly going to be used for gaming and web browsing. :)
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    8GB 1600Mhz RAM will be more than enough (2x4GB), and a core i5-4670 is a great one (if it lies in your budget range)
  2. Thanks do you know what brand I should get? I was panning on spending no more than $320 on a processor, so the i5-4670 is good or great for gaming?
  3. Ok good looking out. So I will be playing battlefield and COD Ghosts the i-5 will still be good? I want to make sure I'm set for the new games that will come out in the next few years. =)
  4. ya don't worry, get this CPU, OC the hell out of it (you will get 4.2-4.5Ghz with it). then get another 7970 down the road (Xfire).
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