Witcher 2 texture popping and poor performance

I have following rig
intel corei3 540 3.04GHz
4 gb ram
XFX ati radeon 5550HD 1gb,128 bit
The question is that i have setted the texture quality at maximm,enabled light shafts,enabled bloom,normal shadow quality with AA OFF.After that i got texture popping and lagging then i disabled bloom and set shadow quality low.After that the game is countinously lagging.Right now i am playing skyrim with 2k texture with ENB (turned off ssao and dof with no aa) the game runs just fine but witcher 2 doesnt.So what will i do to fix this lagging and also if i upgrade my ram to 8gb will it work.
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  1. Your HD 5550 is too weak for the game, you are best to upgrade the graphics card as it is not the best for gaming let alone Witcher 2.
    Whats your budget?
  2. WHAT if i upgrade to 6670 HD?
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