i5 4570s vs 4570

When is it best to buy a i5 4570s?

I do web development (coding IDE and photoshop) and I am thinking towards the s model to be quieter. I do not play games... maybe i will try some in the future. I will also buy a dedicated GPU unit.

I saw at cpuboss

that is lacks a lot in 3D Mark 11 (Physics) benchmark? Why could that be?

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  1. It only makes sense in a mITX case where cooling is a concern.

    It runs at lower clocks, so naturally performance suffers. Don't put too much stock in CPU-boss though, they are quite unreliable.
  2. If noise is a concern then just get an aftermarket cooler instead of sacrificing CPU speed for it.

    Oh and +1 to CPUBoss crap.
  3. forget the S model. It's better to just get the regular i5-4570. The 4570s is not worth power savings or supposed noise reduction.
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    the s version is just a lower power unit. it will still ramp up to 3.6 which is fast enough for day to day emails, web dev and other basic productivity.
    but the 4570 is the same price runs a little faster but needs better cooling. so could work out a bit more expensive over all. if your on a tight budget and pay a lot for electric then the s model will do the job fine. if bills aint a concern and you want the extra 200mhz or so and dont mind the extra heat and possible noise then the 4570 will do everything you want.

    as far as i know the s model is designed with nas and home servers in mind rather than productivity. where the system is hardly pushed but needs to be on in a low power state then when it is finaly needed it will do what it needs to and then switch back to power saving. so you may want to consider that
  5. I have the 4570 on a mini-ITX board in a Fractal Node 304 case with the stock cooler. Even after heavy gaming (BF3/4, Dayz, etc.) for several hours straight, temps are just fine. Well within safe limits. You really don't need an aftermarket cooler if you're not overclocking anyways. ;)

    It's a great CPU. Nearly as fast as a stock clocked 4670K and costs $30-$40 less.
  6. Thank you all for sharing your experiences / knowledge. Really appreciate.
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