RAM compatibility with i7-4770k

I have the intel i7-4770k picked out for my processor, but it says in the processor specs "memory type - DDR3 1333/1600." but after looking at multiple other processors, they all said the same thing...

will this Gskill RAM work with my processor?

if so, is there anything i need to do? please be specific! Thanks
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    Those are just the RAM speeds that are guaranteed to run. You can get 2400Mhz RAM, but it will depend on your particular CPU and MOBO if it will be able to run at that speed. Generally if you overclock your CPU you can reach those speeds easily with your RAM though.
  2. Link goes to a generic page - no DRAM shown - but most all 4770Ks wil lrun up to about 2666+ DRAM with no problem, generally 2133 with nothing more than enabling XMP in the BIOS, over 2133 may require a small OC of the CPU
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