is this a good gaming build...?

Hey guys I am going build a assembled pc for 1st plez tell me is this good for playing upcoming games on high settings...
My configuration is...
Cpu: amd fx 6300 3.5 ghz 6 core processors
Cpu cooler: cooler master hyper 212 evo 82.9 cfm sleeve bearing cooler
Mobo:msi 970a g43 atx am3 mobo
Ram: g.skill rip jaws series 8gb (2×4) ddr3 1600 ram
Hdd: wd caivar blu 1tb 3.5" 7200 rpm internal hd
Gpu: msi GeForce gtx 760 2gb vedio card
Case: nzxt source 210 elite (black) atx mid tower case
Power supply: xfx 550w 80 plus bronze certified atx 12v/eps 12v power supply
Optical drive:lite-on ihas124-04dvd/cd writer
Moniter: dell 22.5" led full hd moniter
Total: $732 approximately...excluding moniter...would it be good for playing games on high settings(upcoming games)
Plezz reply...thankzz
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  1. Depends on what resolution and FPS you want to play at.
  2. it's a decent build. if you want 60gps at 1080p in BF4 on ultra, that wont cut it. but it will certainly be good enought oplay new games on medium/high.
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    Nice job. your put together a good build. The only things I'd suggest are a different monitor, and a different cooler. I suggest checking out this page about monitors

    The only reason I suggest a different cooler isnt because that one isnt good. I just prefer not to have a big and heavy heatsink and fan strapped to my cpu and putting pressure on it. Also if you plan to overclock it might be good to look into a good sealed water cooler now. I prefer this one

    There is also a great article on toms hardware that mentions it and a few other sealed coolers and test it against one of the best air cpu coolers on the market the url is here,3607-11.html

    Other than that nice build with room to upgrade. you can add more ram in the future, you can overclock, and you can add a SSD and have all your data on your HDD and your OS and programs on the SSD. Also your GPU is a good start to see if you like playing them on those types of settings medium/high. I have a R6670 Core edition on my pc and it plays anything i need it to just fine. Just comes down to personal taste.
  4. Great build. I would suggest maybe a bit higher end board to overclock. The Asus M5A97 R2.0 is a decent board.

    Also, the CM Hyper 212 EVO is a great cpu cooler. It's only $30 and cools just as well as most of the $60 single radiator AoI liquid coolers like the H60. Nothing can beat the Hyper 212 EVO for its price. Although it won't allow for high end overclocking, your board won't either so it's fine.
  5. With that board and cooler you can easily do 4.4-4.5GHz.

    The FX 6300 and the NVidia 760 will be good together, well balanced with room to grow. That CPU can handle 2 x 760's in SLI, especially if you OC it as mentioned above. But that's about the max you can get out of it.

    I'm not that familiar with BF4, but I can tell you from personal experience my old Phenom II x6 1090T @ 4.0GHz + 2 x HD 7950s in crossfire (* Similar performance to 2 x 760s in SLI) could do Crysis 3 @ 1080p on Ultra with 2xSMAA and stay in the 40-60+ FPS range with averages in the 50 FPS range.
  6. Am thinking of playing latest games on high settings ....and other on ultra settings in resolution on 1920×1080 would it do with the configuration...?
  7. On which setting I will be able to play bf4 and upcoming games...?
    And should I change any part..if yes plezz suggest me with a other part...and can I play 2012 games on ultra settings on max resolution...?
    Plezzzz reply...plezz
  8. There is no way a GTX 760 can max out high end demanding games like Crysis 3, Metro Light, etc. but you can do high at playable fps.
    2012 games should be fine.
    For BF4, you should be fine at ultra after you overclock.
  9. Should I change any parts...?
    And suggest a good monitor for me...plezzz...for monitor I will spend 8000 that suggest me a good gaming monitor...and which parts should I change...
  10. And after overclocking wiuld I be able to play crycis 3 on ultra...or I have to upgrade my rig...
  11. Plezz give me some suggestions to oc my pc...and a monitor in budget of 8000 to 9000 inr...plezz reply....thankzz
  12. Hey guys plezz reply...
  13. I am going to take a asus monitor ...Asus vh238h 23" 1080p led monitor with ingraded speakers...gor $179...would it be good with my configuration...?
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