I need a new graphics card help me pick one! :)

so my pc needs a new graphics card, i have only started pc gaming recently and this would be the first time i ever get a graphics card.
i would like to run new games on high settings. my budget is around the 200-300$ range and am using a 1080p monitor.
the card i think is best for me is the gtx 670 but even then i have no idea which one to buy because there are tons of manufacturers and retailers so please provide me with a link if possible! i am not very interested in overclocking unless it is already over clocked by the manufacturer.
Side question- is there any estimate on when the new Nivida graphics card generation is coming out?
thank you very much! :)

EDIT: I use intel core i5 3330. a Dell 0XR1Gt motherboard i dont really know what my power supply is. sorry for not specifying earlier
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  1. your motherborad, cpu and power supply are going to determine more what card you can get than money. We need to know those things.
  2. R9 280X or 7970.

    But I also agree with getochkn.
  3. Wit your budget You can get GTX 760 if your PC specs allow you to.
  4. but isnt the gtx 670 better than the 760 and around the same price?
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    Look at a more modern GTX760 instead of a GTX670
    The cards are very similar in performance.
    Dell pc's will come with a Power supply that only meets minimum requirements for the components initially installed.
    It will likely be in the 300w range which is not sufficient for a gaming graphics card stronger than a 7750.
    Look at the psu data plate to see what wattage or 12v amps it has. Or... see if it has two 6 pin pcie power leads. (I doubt it has)

    You will want at least a 500w psu to run a GTX760.
    The slightly stronger R9-280X. 7970 or GTX770 will need a 550w psu with a 8 pin and a 6 pin connector.
  6. To be honest, I think that you should save some more money a build a system. Depending on your current motherboard and processor you could see frame rate drops not because of your gpu, but because your cpu. also, generic power supplies may sometimes fail when pushed to their limits. If you wanna play new games on high settings at 1080p, your gonna need a gpu that requires alot of juice, and a processor that can draw the models as fast as your card can paint them. In addition 670's 760's r9 280x's and 7970's are all fairly large cards. My brother recently decided to "upgrade" his stock pc. before he did, I ripped my 6950 out and realized there isnt nearly enough room in his case for it. You also have to take into account the massive amount of heat generated by high end gaming GPU's. you case most likely can keep you internal temps under control.
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