Stock Heatsink & fan for a non-overclocked i5 3570k; Is it adequate?

Hi, I'm looking to buy an i5 3570k processor for my new build but I would like some questions answered:

Does the stock cooling system cool it adequately if I run it at stock settings? I don't exactly have a budget for a new heatsink and fan assembly, so an answer here is much appreciated.

What are the idle and heavy load temps on with stock settings?
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  1. Yes it is fine for stock. Temps will be with in thermal limits.
  2. I have had my i5 3570k since june and have been meaning to upgrade from the stock fan so I could overclock. But the stock fan is fine for the 3570k the CPU does not run that hot that it would need an aftermarket cooler. I can tell you that at room temp it idles around 25-28 degrees and on a load it gets up to around 50-57 degrees at the most and that is with using speed fan. It is by all means not a good heatsink/fan But the CPU has relatively cool temps at stock speed .
  3. The stock cooler is fine. In fact my own i5-3570k is overclocked to 4Ghz at stock volts. Using the stock cooler for now since my liquid cooler pump failed. Will get replacement soon so I can push the overclock :P
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