avg not loading on windows 7 bootup

i suddenly noticed that the avg icon is missing from the system tray (not running in background) i checked "msconfig" and its not in the list of start up programs and i don't remember messing with "msconfig". to fix this, i have to open it manually to make it re-appear. in addition to this my intel management and security icons were also missing from the system tray, the only program i installed was malwarebytes, could malwarebytes be the cause of the problem?
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    Malwarebytes wouldn't affect startup programs unless that startup program was a virus. Im pretty sure it wouldn't take AVG out of there since its a AV also. I suggest going into services.msc from the "run" dialog and finding avg in there and see if it is set to "manual" startup if it is simple right click it properties and under startup type in the drop down box select "automatic" then select apply then OK. Restart and see if that helps.
  2. ok ill try it
  3. Private messages from Brian Kho for more info regarding these issues:

    still no luck, when i checked then services.msc AVG was already marked automatic and started but still no icon on the notifications area. so when i right click a file and click scan with avg, nothing happens i have to open avg manually before it starts scanning, same with amd control center please help me.

    Also, my external hdd's seem to never eject properly, theyre alway in use even if I literally just plugged them for 1min and decided to remove them, I have already tried unlocker and still no luck, should I reformat my system considering its a new system i built just 4days ago

    I would suggest reinstalling AVG before considering reformatting and reinstalling your OS. As for AMD Control Center i would do the same uninstall them then reinstall them carefully checking the settings for installation to make sure there in the path you want them to be. IF you are installing the programs to an external harddrive this might cause the issue with the drives always being in use. Make sure you are installing your programs to an internal harddrive.

    As for your external drives not ejecting I don't see a problem with just unplugging them(as long as your not getting files back and forth from them at the time) I sometimes get this error on thumb drives at work and just pulling them out i dont have issues with losing files and such.
  4. ok so ive formatted it and icons are back but my ext. hdd will NEVER let me safely eject in this computer unlike my other computer, can i stop windows from doing this SH*T, and my seagate backup plus keeps connecting and discon. randomly until its icon becomes generic and somtimes unopenable, i dont suspect its a virus coz i just formatted the ext hdd and did a clean windows install and scanned the system today any suggestions will help
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