Modest Gaming PC Build, some advice needed

My current PC is a train on fire headed for a cliff. I could go into details, but suffice to say, I am running (and *have* been running) a 140W CPU on a board that supports upto 45W processors. And despite that I've managed incredibly.

So before my motherboard kills itself at some point, I'm hoping to move up from to something new. My plan is this:

Intel i5-4430


1TB WD Caviar Black [should I get Blue?]

And finally, it comes down to the motherboard. As I am not overclocking, I'm considering an H87 motherboard. Should I fall back down to a B-motherboard? Which brand should I be looking at? From opinions gathered, I see that Asus and ASRock are reliable, while MSi is cheap but unreliable. What about Intel boards? I like their cool blue colour scheme.

I've had a lot of mobo grief the past few years, so for my own sanity, I'd like something that will just leave me in peace for 3 years. I will be recycling all my other components: an HD 5670, the DVD drive, the works. I plan to continue using my Antec 450W PSU. Will this be enough? The GPU requires a minimum of 400W, and the 4430 should consume less power than my monster CPU. I don't plan on upgrading my GPU just yet, so I'm sticking to a very modest 1366x768 resolution.

tl;dr is 450w good for i5-4430 and which is good motherboard brand kthxbai
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  1. If you want best cpu power for less wattage use.
    Then Intel eon 1230V2 or 1230V3 is good choice.
    Price is same as the 3570k do have and it do have HT + Treads. It runs cooler than 3570k and is fast as the OC'd 3570k @ 4.5GHz.

    If you find cheap Xeon 1230V3 tha is good. If not then look xeon 1230 V2 for lga 1155 mobo.

    With 4430 or Xeon you can use B85 mobo.
    Like gigabyte.

    And PSU.This is good 450w psu. for 10 more you get modular one.
  2. I'm fine with the 4430's wattage. As someone who's getting a crash course in Intel processors this week; what exactly is the Xeon range of CPUs supposed to be? I find little mention of it in comparison to the Core series. I chose the 4430 based on the Best CPUs for the Money guide, it really looks plenty for me. I'm hoping to use this system to enter the next-gen and stay there for 3-4 years, so the 4430 really looks adequate. Haswell looks upgradeable later too.

    As for the motherboard, I did some digging around, and yeah, a B85 looks good. I'm wondering about which brand though. General consensus points to Asus and ASRock.
  3. all depend on your budget...
  4. Took a look at it. I'm afraid Xeon is out of the question for me, it's being carried only by a few special stores in my country and they have it marked up at ~$350, defeating the point of it. That's a shame, because I'd come to really like it.

    I'm looking to invest between $200-$250 for a CPU (take Newegg prices and add ~$30 to them) that's good for games. Taking a look at game benchmarks (, there's very little difference between them, but the AMD FX CPUs, which rank highly on the PassMark scale fall down in game charts. I wish Xeons were available here. :( With very little actual performance difference between between 4430, 4570 and 4670, I'm leaning towards the 4430 again.

    Also my question was about motherboard brands, not CPUs XD
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