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My son and I completed our first computer build this weekend, a great learning experience for both of us. I first want to say, Thank You, to this site and everyone involved with the forums. Much prop's for all the help with our build!

I installed windows 8.1 as our OS. The build would not show BIOS with my GPU installed so I had to set the BIOS to recognize iGPU, then install my gtx 760. I then updated the drivers and now the nvidia card is recognized, but we can't figure out how to get back to the BIOS? I believe I need to reset the BIOS display to auto so that I can use the nvidia card. The 'windows 8 bios' instructions don't work as there is no 'uefi tab.' I have also performed a system shutdown through the cmd prompt and then tapped 'delete' on power-up, did not work. I have put quite a few hours into this to no avail. I believe the mobo is where the bios is so I have posted this here.

Please help on how to access BIOS once windows 8.1 is installed.

gigabyte ga-z87x-d3h - we installed the Apps center and that didn't help.
gigabyte gtx-760
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  1. To get into the BIOS, open Settings, then select General. Under Advanced Startup, click on Restart Now. This will restart your computer into the boot menu.

    This applies to WIN 8. I think this will be the same for WIN 8.1. Good luck.
  2. In the bios options under the settings for peripherals you have an option for what display to first initialize, called "Init Display First." What is this set to? Likely the onboard graphics is set to display first and the bios options are only visible if you connect to the onboard display ports. You need to set this option for the correct choice to output to the GTX add on card. What port is your display connected to? HDMI , DVI etc...?
  3. From command line type "shutdown /s /t 0"

    You'll see a message that the system will shut down, then you will be be given some options, one of which is to adjust UEFI settings. Choose that and you will boot into the bios setup.

    At least this worked for me just now on 8.1 with Gigabyte mobo.

    Hope this helps.
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    "shutdown /s /t 0" immediately performed the shutdown with no message/option of any kind to adjust settings. And upon powering up, it loaded the usual lockscreen.

    I did recall a shortcut: press "Shift" while clicking on "Restart". This takes you directly to the Advance Start-up screen as seen at

    Now, I need to find where I read about that shortcut.

    3/29/2014 UPDATE: Just found a source specifying that shortcut; it's (go to the paragraph right below the screenshot of the "Advanced options" screen).
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