New Hard Drive, installing windows 7 os, no device found


I dropped my laptop recently and my hard drive broke.
Since then I've replaced it with another 500gb hdd. The problem, I'm having is that when I'm trying to install the windows 7 os, no devices are detected. I don't understand why because my old os was windows 7.. I've tried installing the os with a CD and USB to no avail. However, when I tried installing a windows 8 os, the device was detected. I've taken my laptop to multiple computer shops and none of them seem to know what's going on.

Here are my specs:

-HP Envy 6 Notebook PC 64 bit
-AMD A6-4455M APU with Radeon HD
-2.1 Mhz
-4 GB Ram

Additional Info:

-Both my new and old hdd is 500gb sata, the only difference is the brand. My old one was Hitachi and my new one is a WD Blue.
-Did a quick hard disk check in HP Basic System Diagnostics and Smart Check Passed as well as the Short DST (Don't even know what DST means). I'm doing the extensive check now and I'll update later when it's done and if it's even necessary.....

I'm an amateur at these things so I don't know if I'm providing adequate information but any help would be greatly appreciated. I really don't wanna have to settle with windows 8...
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  1. have you gone into the bios to see if its detected there? check to see if there is an option to manually detect it. make sure at this time that your first boot device is your dvd rom.
  2. In the main tab of the bios, there's no hard drive listed. :(
    But the Hp SMART hard disk check passed on both quick and long checks. Quick and long DSTs passed too..

    I set the first boot devices to dvd/usb but it seems it didn't do anything.
  3. what error do you get when booting from the dvd? also where did you get your windows 7 from? is it a disk from microsoft or did you download it as an iso?
  4. There's no error.. It's just when I click install windows 7, there's a pop up that says no device is detected and I have the option to browse or rescan both of which don't do anything..

    I have the a serial key for the OS on the back of my laptop so the computer service centers use an original disk.
  5. at this point all i can suggest is to unplug and reseat everything from your ram and (especially your hard drive and dvd rom. when you dropped the laptop it may have jarred on of the connections loose. i take it the bios doesnt see the dvd rom?
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