New motherboard swap and cpu swap from intel to amd and having issues with benchmarks and games on each set up.

I had an intel core i5 2500k with a msi p67x-xxxx motherboard, and i got tired of alot of issues i had with it and got a new gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 and a amd fx-8230 cpu. I have a gigabyte 7970 gpu with tri cool fans, corsair vengence 1500mhz 2x4gb ram set a xmp 1. ocz mod extreme 700 watt psu. i have wd 1tb black hdd. a lg dvd drive.

well to begin with my issues. with the intel system i would get lower benchmarks compare to my friends system which was basically the same but he had a newer i5 same chip set motherboard but his was an asus. His was not oc'd and mine was to 4.2ghz.. well we would bench them on heaven 4.0 on the highest settings possible. he would score a 950 at all stock hardware settings. I would get an 850. I put my gpu in his computer and it would score the same. I tried out a newer gigabyte z77 motherboard and it still scored an 850 in my computer. I also could not overclock my gpu at all. maybe 10mhz higher. my friend could go over 100mhz easy. I put my gpu in his system and it would oc like his.

anyways i returned my motherboard and got an amd set up. i got it all together and everything is up to date such as the bios and the drivers. I get a lower score on heaven now like 15 to 20 points lower. I oc my cpu from 3.5 to 4.5 and it didnt change. I tried ever setting i could and it wouldnt change. We benched out computers on 3d mark 11. and the first test ice storm i used to get around an 160,000 score on my intel system. on my amd system 115,000. I got worse scores. I have an old gtx 460 that got better scores.

So my question is what could be causing this issues. I have had alot of game crashes and some games will have stuttering to the game play such as bioshock infinte, rage, boarderlands. Is it the gpu, motherboard,cpu, psu. Im so tired of this. I did a mem test and the ram is ok. Im thinking its the gpu but have my doubts, Im thinking it also could be the psu. I would like to hear what everyone thinks. Sorry if this was unclear. if you need anymore information just let me know and ill try to clear it up. Thanks.
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  1. Well, the amd system will benchmark lower than an i5 with comparable hardware, the i5 is simply faster. Have you done a fresh install of windows?
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    When in doubt it is usually the power supply that is the culprit. Unstable, able to overclock parts on a different power supply, and a completely different board with the same power supply didn't solve the problem. If your CPU and GPU aren't receiving stable power they may be self throttling, or having lots of errors. (You can check Windows logs for evidence of errors)

    If you friend is willing, give his power supply a try on your equipment and see if the problem goes away.

    If you have a voltmeter handy, see what the 12V looks like when the computer is under load (jam the leads into any spare molex connector from black to yellow). 11.4 - 12.6 is considered in spec, but anything under 12 is not that good for a decent power supply such as this one. If it is still in warranty, RMA it if it doesn't look right.
  3. Also, I have found that the board can be a problem. Gigabyte and MSI, I have had my share if issues with them, as well as numerous others. ASUS, IMHO are the only boards to buy. And, as mentioned above, the PSU can also be the root of each and every problem you mentioned.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. I was suspecting the psu. I had it tested out at a pc store in town and they said it was ok but shouldnt trust that advice fully. I just talked to my friend and he said he will let me hook up his and see what happens. I should get a new psu anyways because mines about 4 years old.

    I have had four bad motherboards. One asus two msi amd one gigabyte. Im not partial to any brand. Thanks again ill keep everyone up to date.
  5. Well I tried a new power supply a coolermaster 850 watt modular psu. Still the same outcome. I guess Ill have to reinstall windows and see what happens. After that I guess Ill rma my gpu.

    Update. It was my gpu. Sent it back and I'm going with a gtx 770. I heard a lot of ppl had bad or dead 7970s.
  6. Sorry for the late update. My gpu was bad. But with my and set up u think something's up with the motherboard. I heard gigabytes 990fxa-ud3 motherboards had a bunch of voltage issues. I have a gtx 770 now and I get the same scores as my 7970.
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