Computer Freezes every 2 seconds.

As soon as my computer boots into the OS (Windows 8) it freezes every couple of seconds?
This is everything the mouse the second hand on the clock etc. I have looked at the task manager and everything looks ok with low cpu, memory and gpu usage. My temps are also fine.

It makes it impossible for me to use the computer. Is this a common issue and any solution will be much appreciated.

Also my Mobo has a Q Code of 01 - Power On. Reset type detection (soft/hard) could this be the problem?

8GB Patriot RAM
AX 760
GTX 670
Asus Z87-Expert

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  1. I have installed a New OS as a fresh install so it cannot be a virus, and it is still happening.
    sometimes when i restart the computer it doesn't happen but most of the time it does. It also does not happen in the BIOS.
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