I am wondering which will be a better mobo? They are about the same price and have very similar hardware. Which is the best value?
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  1. I like the maximus 6 hero, just because of its name and looks. :D They would perform the same though.
  2. I also have the hero and love it but my coworker is trying to pick a mobo and is currently looking to get the pro. I am just trying to get some reasons to convince him to go with the hero. I know it has a better sound chip on it and has some nicer OC features. But the pro has built-in wifi and bluetooth along with a nice fan control.
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    Yea, that's the tradeoff bro. :) Now say this to him: "Do you really need a wifi receiver for you rig?? If you play online games, it would lag because wireless receiver isn't reliable when gaming! Reality is, you'd still hate the wifi receiver after trying it and you'd resort to the physical lan cable." hahahahhahaha I hope that convinces him.
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