I am disabled and on a very limited fixed income, so can’t afford a new computer at this time. I have a Dell Vostro 200 SLIM. My little Dell has a new CPU/Heatsink and Motherboard and thankfully works great!

I was given a Radeon HD 5670 PCIe video card by a young friend. It has 1GB GDDR5 Memory, Directx X 11/Open GL 3.2 support and DVI/HDMI/PCI Express 2.1 support. This Radeon card works fine in my machine but is too large! .. THE COMPUTER HAS TO RUN WITH ONE SIDE PANEL OFF THE ORIGINAL CASE!

I don’t need anything really state of the art, but like having something more than the onboard video for streaming online ect. and maybe a minecraft game sometimes. People here clearly have integrity and great knowledge, can you recommend a card that is still available with ABOUT THE SAME SPECS .. THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO RUN THE COMPUTER FULLY ASSEMBLED ?? I can spend about $50 or so because the current card is worth around that so I can sell it to buy one that will fit.
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  1. If you don't mind answering, do you know the space you have for a graphics card in millimeters please
  2. thanks much for responding so quickly

    measuring from the surface of the motherboard to the very edge of the case is right at 75mm. That would include the part with the graphics card contacts that go into the socket itself. The plastic at the bottom of the socket must have some small width; so I'm guessing somewhere between 70-75mm ?

    Hope this helps; if it doesn't let me know; I'll try to find a more precise method.
  3. Can you also please list the length of the space you have, I believe you provided me with the width
  4. it looks to be right at 170mm.. there is more space behind it though, might be able to go another 30mm
  5. It seems that there aren't any graphics card that have a width of less than 75 millimeters that I can find, sorry :(
  6. in that case it very probably is 75mm. I just wanted to allow a little extra space for measurement error. thanks very much for trying to help
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    You are looking for a low-profile video card. A low-profile video card is about half the height of a standard card, and has a shorter bracket attached to it. has low-profile cards available, however, they don't have one the same as the 5670 you currently have in your $50 budget. Low-profile cards tend to be a bit higher in price because demand is lower.

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