So what GPU should I buy to play next gen like ps4 games and stuff?

So I don't know a ton about this kind of stuff but is there going to be like a quick spike in the amount of GPU required to run a game on high since ps4 and Xbone are coming out soon?

Like playing ps3 games and xbone games on pc is standard right now but when you play a ps4 game with much more demanding hardware usage will you need a much better gpu and stuff?

I was thinking about saving some money and going with a rd7870 but with this next gen stuff coming out would I need to buy a 7950? Or is what I am saying not going to make a difference or am I right in the fact that new consoles are coming with better graphics for games = much more gpu?
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  1. depends on your monitor. if you're on a 720p monitor you don't need much graphic power. if you're planning on playing all games maxed at 1080p and 60fps part of the equation will be your cpu, part your gpu. the 7950 is a very good buy on a price/performance metric, if you can afford the difference its almost 20% faster then a 7870. they also will overclock very nicely.
  2. at you must have beyond performance gpu of hd 7870... why??? because the next gen console are more optimized than PCs... moreover, the standard resolution of next gen console are 1080p... if you look forwad to next gen game you cant avoid from stuff like that... so, i advice you to have at least hd 7970 or gtx 680 or higher is better of course... :D
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