Dell Dimension 2350 vs dell dimension 4500s?

A simple which is the better of the two. The 4500s has a celeron cpu while the 2350 has a pentium 4. A google search trying to compare has became a pita. And the 4500s does not have a ethernet hook up (only dial up..) other wise i'd just download cpuid and better compare them. But i have no idea which celeron is inside the 4500s to be perfectly honest. The 2350 does not allow for any facebook games. I'm unsure about the 4500s as i have not put it online as i need to get an ethernet card to get it online. So thought i'd ask those much more knowledgeable about intel cpu's which pc they think is the better of the two. Both say a max of 1 gig of ram but both from my understanding will handle 2 gigs. So which is better?
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    Why the question?
    Do you already own them, or are looking to buy one or the other?

    I don't see a lot of performance difference between the two. They're both about a decade old, and weren't great when new.

    The 4500s is the small case size, right? Point against.
    The 4500 has no AGP slot. Point against

    I wouldn't put any money into either one.
  2. I agree with USAFret -

    Much newer machines are found really inexpensive used nowadays.
  3. yes i own them both currently. And yeah the 4500s is the slim design desktop. The 2350 i bought at a yard sale a while back its the wifes pc she does facebook and such on. The 4500s we were given today. Now the 2350 with its integrated graphics will barely play facebook games such as pioneer trail (the wife is hooked on it). I was just wondering if the 4500s would allow her to play them better. All she does is watch videos and facebook games so nothing real hard core. I was just wondering if the 4500s with the celeron cpu i think it is 1.68? or there abouts would perform better for her. its the one with only a 20 gig hard drive and i know it is old. And i plan to do her a build later on that will knock those two out of the water for her (which won't be hard to do lol). i just want to know which is better? i could take her ethernet card out of the 2350 for her to use the 4500s for now if that one would perform better. i'm just not familiar with the celeron or the pentium 4 to much to make a judgement call on which is better or whether or not the 4500s would allow her to play the game she loves without a 10-15 minute loading time.
  4. You could try it, but there probably won't be a lot of difference between the two.

    A fresh OS install might help. Possibly try a lightweight Linux distro. Set it up properly, and she might never know.

    I did that for one of my daughters (same type of usage) and she never realized it wasn't 'Windows'.
  5. The 4500s is probably about identical as far as graphics is concerned. The Celeron is a weaker processor compared to the Pentium, so performance isn't going to improve any between the two computers.

  6. A correction they both have celeron's >_< the one in the 4500s though i think is a single core? I know the one in the 2350 seems to be a dual core as it has two readings for the cpu's process one 2.0 the other 1.99 for some odd reason. So they seem the same the 4500s i think seems faster to me as its not full of bloat ware from constant windows updates both are windows xp though. The 4500s all i could find under specs is a third generation cpu? Not sure about the 2350. but its strange how they seem the same yet different numbers lol
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