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Should I take the plunge and bootcamp with 8.1 on a Haswell rMBP? Or should I stay with Windows 7?

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October 22, 2013 2:14:56 PM

I've been waiting on buying a new laptop, and I just pulled the trigger on a Haswell 15in rMBP. It'll be here in a week, but in the mean time, I want to get all my software stuff figured out.

I've grown up on windows, and I am planning on bootcamping my Mac the same day I open the box. I've read a lot about how Windows 7 can be kind of wonky on such a high resolution screen, which makes me wonder if I should just go to 8.1, which has started support for hiDPI screens. But I'm extremely hesitant to jump to 8.1 on a non touchscreen laptop.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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October 23, 2013 8:09:37 AM

Given everything that's happened in the last couple days since the Windows 8.1 release, I would go ahead and give things a minute to settle down. you might want to: first, start looking around on forums/personal testimonies for issues people have had on your particular rig/setup. I've seen a lot of people start up Win8 no problem and some brought to their knees lol. Second wait a little while for MS to start releasing fixes for the 8.1 problems. That's just how I'd play it ;)  you get a new computer, and you want to enjoy it even if it is a little "wonky" rather than be trying to undo any weird issues that come up with it. I know it IS just a bootcamp but still, it's nice to at least poke around and see if anyone else has had any headaches. As far as touchscreen, I don't think win8.1 would be HORRIBLE by any means. They're really aiming to make it useable for any kind of computer.
November 18, 2013 3:04:22 PM

I do have a brand new MBP 15" Haswell (late 2013) with NVIDIA. Just installed Windows 8.1 via Bootcamp.
Installation was flawless. Win 8.1 is much more usable than Win 8, except that the 2880x1800 is very very very poorly utilized by Windows 8.1.
I do not believe it is a MBP problem according to what I read now on the Internet, but just the fact that apps have not caught up with Microsoft Win 8.1 high end resolution scaling routines yet (except MS apps like Office, which displays beautifully).
My major frustration is with Google Chrome, since it is the app I use the most.
It looks fuzzy every which way you look at it, except, of course, if your goal is to use your MBP to display a moderate/low resolution equivalent to HD (1920x1080) or lower.
This is not my case I want to display enough to see the "equivalent" of a 1900x1200 resolution on my MBP screen. I am not afraid of smalll text and lines but I want them crisp. Currently only 50% of the apps on Windows 8.1 scale correclty many others like Chrome don't.
How Windows 8.1 handles multiple monitors is not satisfactory either. When I plug a monitor HD to my MBP then both the MBP LCD adapts and becomes real big rather than keeping the finer resolution I set. This is very annoying. Here I only spent one hour fiddling with this, may be there is a trick but have not found anything on the Internet yet.

My conclusion: Better to wait another 6 months until the dust settles. I am going back to Win 7 in BootCamp for now.