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After 3 hard drive failures in one month and using Acronis 2012 for cloning and it failed to clone the licenses for IncrediMail and QuickBooks I purchased 2014 version and it still does the same thing and the company says its the way they have the license.
Does anyone know of other software that has the same problem. This was to save time getting the computer back in operation fast and is now taking one or two days to complete.
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  1. Get this bridge.

    It will give you bit by bit mirror.
    Here is how...

    Change the dial to SAFE
    Connect Primary HDD to it
    Press the change mode button
    Connect the Secondary HDD to it
    Within 45sec, data should start duplicate.
    Its transfer rate about 75MB~100MB/sec

    You should have a mirror within NO time...
    If you want to clone bigger or smaller drives, there is way to do it too.

    BTW, this is the ONLY HW raid the mirror drives w/o wipe the data that I know.
    It's great for cloning drive, including OS drive
  2. Are you running a backup or a clone/image of the drive?
  3. popatim said:
    Are you running a backup or a clone/image of the drive?
  4. Cloning the drive to a newer larger drive as a backup because of 3 drive failures in 1 month.
  5. Unless incredimail & quickbooks create an activation code based on the hard drive's serial number or other hard drive data, I don't see how this could fail. A clone should be an exact copy of your drive's data.
  6. That is what I thought and IncrediMail stores their licenses in a folder but after cloning the licenses are not shown or working and have to be reset. QuickBooks has to be uninstalled and use their cleaner program and then reinstalled. All of this takes about 2 days.
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  8. Quickbooks has a FAQ about creating the file manually IIRC.

    i think this is it:

    I've no idea why it doesn't clone correctly though. have you tried comparing the two after cloning completes?
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