Need help choosing a motherboard

I'm looking to get a FX 6350 cpu and realized that my motherboard does not support AM3+.
It was then I realized that Microcenter has CPU+Mobo bundles, my question is which motherboard, out of the five motherboards listed under the 6300 bundle, would be the best for me?

I'm going to the Denver location and can provide any details needed.

My case has three fans,
I'm going to continue using my AMD XFX 6850
CD drive
and hopefully my 500W psu will suffice.

This is my current motherboard. M4A77TD

Thank you in advance.

:Edited for clarity:
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  1. This is a great motherboard that will work well for you:
  2. Oh, I'm sorry. I just realized I didn't convey what i needed well enough. I would like it to be from the five choices at Microcenter under the 6300 bundle.

    This is more of a budget deal.

    Thank you for the suggestion though
  3. Thank you very much, I was leaning towards the msi one because it was an ATX as apposed to an mATX, is there noticeable difference between those two types aside from size?

    Also would it be fine if I went with the USB 3 one or is that one worse than the one you picked out?

    I'm not trying to be picky I just want to be happy down the road with the motherboard im getting. I also have to leave to work right now, but ill be back tomorrow or late tonight
  4. Wouldn't touch MSI mobos, poor QC, if wanting full ATX, look for Asus, the Rock or a GB mobo
  5. Best answer
    Id say go with the MSI or the ASRock ones. As long as you are not Over Clocking, both should be fine. I'd stay away from the other ones though.
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