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Battlefield 4 is going to be coming out soon and I would like to play this game, i have not decided weather or not I will get a nex-gen console or build a PC. The XBOX One/PS4 will be running at 900p with 60fps and the PC I would build would have an fx 8350 with an r9 280x Toxic edition at ULTRA msaa 1080p 60 fps????. Which would give me a better experience. In addition the reason I would like console is because of the other games coming out for it while PC does not get the exclusives that consoles get (forza) NBA 2k. If I were to buy a PC I would love the fact that i could play games like Sims 4 and a few other games but it wont be as vast as the amount of games coming out for XBOX/PS4
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  1. PC will always be better for Battlefield, better graphics, higher frame rates, and keyboard and mouse is better for shooting. Most games that come out on xbox are also released on PC, so you will have plenty of good games to play.
  2. The biggest question. Do you have the money OP?
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    comes down a lot to money for one. to get full 1080p ultra style graphics, it's going to cost like twice what a console costs. The 280x can just do 80fps at 1080p for BF3. If 4 is more demanding, it will be even less.

    depends on how you like to play fps games? controller or kb/mouse. Myself, I had a lan over coax playing doom when it came out, I'm kb/mouse and can't do fps on a console with a controller for nothing. Newer console only kids that never play fps games, like a controller.

    depends on if you want to pay for xbox live to play online or play free on a pc. I'm not sure how much the ps4 is going to push the playstation-plus program for online gaming, or preferred servers, etc. Sony has tried to stay on the free gaming to one-up microsoft, but in reality, they are feeling the pinch of footing the bill for free and thus playstation-plus was born and I see it becoming something they push more and more this generation. They can't sustain running free services forever.

    each has a pro/con when it comes to games coming out, and each console will have exclusives. at least with bf4, it seems amd is pushing ea/dice for a good PC experience, which is good. other mutli-platform games won't fare as well and will probably be half-ass PC ports like I imagine gta5 will be.
  4. HeyyScott said:
    The biggest question. Do you have the money OP?

  5. Jokerspades said:
    HeyyScott said:
    The biggest question. Do you have the money OP?


    By all means, go for it. PC will always be superior to consoles. PC games have much better quality and better game experience.
  6. From my experience, PC gaming is a lot better. I'm not much of a gamer though, but I play minecraft and Call of Duty 4 from time to time. I've also read that a lot of the next gen consoles aren't going to have all the graphics features everyones hyped up about.
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