Gtx 650 ti vs radeon hd 7770

Hello im building a "gaming" pc
these are my specs
amd fx-6300

either 430 watt corsair or the 500 watt corsair

I didnt want to go with the ti boost its too expensive but i can go with the radeon hd 7770 GHz edition. The gpu has to be under 105$
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  1. According to Tom's October guide, the Radeon 7770 is the best bang for your buck at your price range:,3107-2.html

    However, if you can put out the money now and wait for the mail in rebate, the 650ti is the better choice:
    At 109.99 after rebate, it's 7790 performance for about the same price as the 7770.

    As for the PSU, I'd go with the 500w, it leaves you better options if you decide to upgrade in the future. Just be sure they are 80+ Bronze certified or better.
  2. You could stretch it and get the 7790 for 129.99..
  3. The GT 650 Ti is the more powerful of the two graphic cards. The below chart is from the following review which is worth checking out. Most GTX 650 Ti will be clocked higher than the reference design so based on the chart a stock speed Radeon HD 7770 has 79% the performance of a slightly overclocked GTX 650 Ti.

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    Below are the lowest priced HD 7770 (GHz Edition = Stockspeed) and GTX 650 Ti @ stock speed of 925MHz. Based on the chart above the stock speed version of the GTX 650 Ti has 96% of the OC'ed version @ 1072MHz. That means the Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition has about 74% of the overall performance of the GTX 650 Ti @ stock speed. Another way of stating that is the GTX 650 Ti has 135% the performance of the Radeon HD 7770, or simply it is 35% faster.

    Based on the after rebate prices below and including shipping the Radeon HD 7770 costs $85. The GTX 650 Ti costs $90. While the GTX 650 Ti costs about 6% more, it also provides about 35% more performance. That makes the GTX 650 Ti the best bang for the buck.

    Radeon HD 7770 - $80 after rebate + $5 shipping

    MSI N650TI-1GD5/V1 GeForce GTX 650 Ti - $90 after rebate + Free Shipping
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