SSD seem to fail alot

i waz thinking about getting a 128GB SSD but with all the negative reviews they seem to last a few months.

what is the correct way to set up a SSD?
(i also have a 250GB HDD to use as secondary )

i would like it to last a year or more but if im only gonna get a few months out of it then ill just get a performance HDD.
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  1. No, they don't fail that much. Not the newer ones, anyway.

    Estimated lifetimes in years, if not decades, if you buy a good one.
    In fact, probably more reliable than a spinning drive.

    Where are you reading all these fail reports?
  2. Which OS?
    Win7 - install windows with only the SSD attached then after attach the HDD and follow the ssd tweaks guide stickied at the top of this forum

    Win8 is much better aware of an SSD/HDD combo, install it with both attached.

    Always have multiple backups of important data. There are far more 'My HDD died' threads than dead SSD ones. The new drives seem pretty reliable and they all have 3 to 5yr warranties.
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    The return rate for good ssd's is about 0.5%
    For a good hard drive, 1.5%

    Endurance is no longer an issue with ssd's, at least in desktop environments. Think > 10 years in heavy usage.

    The best way to install a ssd is to do a clean windows install on it.
    Set the sata mode in the bios to AHCI(not ide or raid)
    When loading windows do not leave your old hard drive attached or windows will try to create a hidden recovery partition on it.

    If you buy a 240gb ssd, you should be able to clone your current 250gb hdd to the new ssd.
    The sata mode will not be optimal, but that is a relatively minor issue.
    Intel and Samsung have free clone utilities for their drives.
  4. good pick.
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